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Litigation can be very expensive. At W&L Law Group, we provide exceptional legal services at a competitive rate. We will also work with your financial situation, and help you design a flexible payment plan that reasonably suits your needs and goals.


A conviction can result in devastating problems that may affect your career, future, family, and freedom. We have the experience in all stages of criminal litigation, whether pretrial or trial, necessary for us to protect your rights in times of trouble.


Navigating the complicated waters of U.S. immigration laws and regulations is both confusing and difficult. With extensive experience with EB-5 related litigation, we know what you need at every step to help you find your way.


Most businesses require legal advice relating to entity formation, corporate governance, and venture financing, among others. Our firm advocates for a holistic approach so that your company can get the best competitive advantage.


At W&L Law Group, we help merchants comply with industry regulations and standards by evaluating their business operations with applicable state and federal regulations.


Mediation is one of the most efficient methods to resolve a dispute. Resolve your dispute with opposing party under a supervised setting that is designed to maintain a civil environment and help parties generate creative solutions in order to reach a mutual agreement.


It is often difficult to reach an agreement or compromise in settling differences, and even more so when negotiating from an unequal bargaining position. We can help you achieve the best possible outcome no matter your position so give us a call today.


recent victories

Demurrers Sustained on all causes of action on 12/29/16
California Energy Investment Fund 1 v. Hu & Associates PC., et al.

Motion for Summary Judgment Granted on 10/27/16
Shoumin Zhang v. American Franchise Regional Center LLC et al.

Motion to Dismiss Granted on 07/21/16
California Energy Investment Fund 1 v. Hu & Associates PC., et al.